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About Rajmahal

Rajmahal is a nagar panchayat or notified area town in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. Although it is an immensely small town with very sparse population, but it is nonetheless immensely historical town. This town in fact had role in India’s medieval history when it became capital of one of the most important provinces in Indian sub continent. More about this and other important information’s about this small town have been provided in our below paragraphs. The below mentioned information will surely offer readers the complete gist of this once historical town.

Rajmahal Tourism

History of Rajmahal

Rajmahal was once capital of all powerful Bengal province, which during medieval century was actually the most powerful province of entire Indian sub continent. And it served as capital of this powerful province not once but twice. This historical feet was made possible by Man Singh, who was General of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The story goes that Man Singh on his return from the conquest of Orissa in year 1592 had made a brief halt in Rajmahal town. It was during this brief stay that he realized that this small town was very centrally located in reference to Bengal and Bihar province. This realization changed the fate of Rajmahal town forever. Within the span of next three years, i.e. in year 1595, Rajmahal was finally made the capital of Bengal province.

After becoming capital of such an important province, the once unknown Rajmahal town suddenly acquired unprecedented importance in Indian subcontinent. This is understandably why many historical monuments were constructed here after year 1595. This glorious period of Rajmahal town though did not really last long. In 1608 Islam Khan I – General of Mughal Emperor Jahangir – transferred the capital from Rajmahal to Dhaka city (now in Bangladesh). But as destiny would have it, Rajmahal town regained the capital status after Shah Shuja – son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan – was governor general of Bengal province. He shifted back the capital to Rajmahal town somewhere in 1638-39. Rajmahal’s glorious era under Mughal rule, however, come to an abrupt end after British Empire (previously known as East India Company) arrived with a bang in Indian sub continent during 18th century. They declared their arrival after successfully defeating Mughals in Battle of Plassey, which coincidentally was fought in Bengal province.

Transport in Rajmahal

Rajmahal, unfortunately, doesn’t depict a very bright picture on the front of local transportation. Barring decent number of auto rickshaws, this town’s transportation has nothing else to offer to its commuters. Its inter-city services, however, are pretty robust, which brings us to Rajmahal Railway Station. Though very few passenger trains halt at this station, but it is directly connected to Tinpahar junction. This junction is directly connected to many prominent cities of Jharkhand and neighboring Bihar. Besides, this junction, Rajmahal station is also directly connected to Howarh city of West Bengal. In fact some 32 trains ply between these two cities on weekly basis. As for bus service is concerned, then state run buses do connect Raj Mahal to many prominent cities of Jharkhand, but their frequency is just about satisfactory.

Rajmahal Railway Station
Station Code : RJL
Junction Name : Malda Town
RailWay Zone : Eastern Railway
State Name : Jharkhand
District Name : Sahebganj
Taluk Name : Rajmahal
Railway enquiry : 139

Healthcare Services in Rajmahal

Hospitals in RajmahalThe prevailing healthcare services in Rajmahal town can only be described as below par, if not poor or unreliable. This small bit of information must be sufficient to tell the readers that numbers of hospitals operating in this small town are extremely less or are very few in numbers. But fortunately enough Rajmahal isn’t located very far away from headquarter city of Sahibganj, where there are better number of well equipped hospitals. And every year patients of Rajmahal do flock to these hospitals in considerable number for medical treatment. Now coming to other essential healthcare services like chemist shops and doctors, then fortunately situation on this front is not that desperate. This is to say that today there are pretty decent numbers of medical stores and doctors in the town. Their decent presence surely means world to people of Rajmahal, who are already plagued by absence of well equipped hospital in the town.

Shilpy Medico
Address: Station Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj – 816108
Phone no: +(91)-8409408655

Saha Medical
Address: Station Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj – 816108
Phone no: +(91)-9955331035

Rabi Medical Hall
Address: Station Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj – 816108
Phone no: +(91)-9709273800

Varman Medical Stores
Address: Station Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj – 816108
Phone no: +(91)-9955969088

Safety and Security in Rajmahal

Rajmahal has been allotted a police station, which is stationed in the very heart of this town. Rajmahal’s law and order, however, compromises only of pretty crimes and therefore this police station till today has never faced any critical problem as such. In all likelihood, after taking into account past track record, the stable law and order situation will continue even in distant future.

Rajmahal Police Station: (06426) 228130

Tourist Spots in Rajmahal

When Rajmahal town was basking under glorious days of Mughal Empire, many great architectural monuments were constructed. These monuments have surely stood the test of time and have today become major tourist attractions. Besides, these monuments are also testimony of this town’s glorious past. Here we’ve brought names of some of these famous monuments.

About Rajmahal
Jami Masjid in Hadaf at Rajmahal

Singhi Dalan, Akbari Masjid, Tomb of Maina-Bibi and Tomb of Miran are some of the historical monuments that no visiting tourist should give a miss. Most of these monuments were constructed when Rajmahal town was serving as capital of Bengal province. Although today these monuments are not exactly in good shape and condition, they nonetheless still have irresistible charm and aura. Another must visit destination is the famous Rajmahal Hill, located few kilometers of Rajmahal town. While lush greenery of this hill will surely soothe your mind and heart, but the real U.S.P of this hill is that it is home to fossils and rocks that date back to Jurassic Park Era. The era when Dinosaur animal was the most dominant species on planet earth. This fact makes this hill one of the most unique and important hills of our country.

Facts and Figures about Rajmahal

Coordinates: 25.05°N 87.84°E
Country: India
State: Jharkhand
District: Sahibganj
Population (2001)
• Total 17,974
Languages: Hindi, Santali
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
STD Code: 06426

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